50% Saving on my marketing budget – won’t I lose customers? 

This is actually what one of our customers said to us when we said we could saving him up to 50% of his marketing costs.

Paul is a utility broker who before a partnership with SFB Consulting Group spent on average £ 46,000 per annum on advertising and marketing – £11,000 on newspaper advertising, £15000 on social media and £20,000 on working with an outsourced marketing company.

We met with Paul and have cut his costs by nearly 50% by providing him with a very tailored marketing approach. Using direct marketing with data capture and automated customer analysis we have driven his cost down but increased sales leads and transformed the sales process for the business.

With our unique lead generation tool we have also been able to give Phil’s team fantastic leads and an understanding of what the customer is interested in so the call or email can be tailored to the customer.

We are not just a marketing agency, we are your marketing function supporting those in your organisation deliver results whether it be in working with your in house teams or as your chosen outsourced provider.