You have a brand but does your customers love it. With internet, social media and competitors it is important for your customers to LOVE your brand.

Get your visuals up to scratch, get them right and they will attract customers on their own. Get them wrong, and it could put off a customer for life! It is not just about your shop front anymore so make sure everything you do visually appealing.

Consistency is key in marketing. Branding is not just about a logo it includes your visuals, your tone, your message and many other things. Whatever you are doing to market your business, keep your images, colours, fonts, and your tone of voice consistent. That way your customers will learn to love you.
You guys are amazing. this is exactly what your customers should be saying after doing business with you. Great customer service is essential to keep people coming back. So, what do you do that makes your customers go WOW?
The way businesses market themselves has been transformed in recent years. Adverts still work, however good content engages people and keeps people interested in longer. So, get creative and start blogging about your business. It is a great way to give something back and showcase your expertise.
Listen to your customers. Social media is a great example. If you get a review of your services on Facebook, and you are a little annoyed at that 3* rating, listen to their feedback. People are more likely to shop again if you listen to their concerns and address them. Listen out for messages on social media and communicate to potential customers otherwise they will shop elsewhere.
Commit. If you advertise in a local magazine give it time to develop leads. At the very least it is going to give you brand awareness. Don’t wake up on a Monday morning thinking that you will start posting 99 updates on your Facebook page a day if by the Tuesday this has fallen by the waist side. Marketing only works if you commit to it and are consistent.
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