Corporate Traveller

Targeting and capturing the corporate travellers of the world and indeed finding those businesses that require your function suites for business events can be challenging in the hotel industry despite it being very lucrative if successful.

To understand what your corporate traveller is interested in you first need to understand your customer, where do they socialise? what social media platforms do they use?, what sector are they in? what are their interests?…… and the list goes on….

Corporate businesses will already have special deals with specific hotels therefore you will need a strategic plan on what will you do to get them use your hotel/s over a competitor. Unlike a consumer, business buyers are less likely to be influenced by pretty pictures of your hotel and more interested in practical, direct information.

Corporate Traveller
Corporate Traveller

Corporate travel managers and booking agents need to know you are ready to accommodate their business travellers and you must convince a team of people that your hotel is right for their company.

One way to show your hotel is right for them is to look at local partnerships with rental car companies, restaurants etc. When you collaborate and partner with these companies, negotiate a cross-promotional marketing campaign that allows you to get your hotel name out to their loyal customers.

B2B buyers need to trust you before they will buy from you. They care about who else buys from you so tell them… ask your clients for their permission to use their company logo on your B2B/corporate marketing materials. This validation is critical to attracting more corporate accounts to your hotel.

At SFB Consulting Group we have expertise and experience within the hospitality sector, we know what B2B buyers are looking for and can help take your hotel to the next level.

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