shop window

As we walk down our local high street we see local shops dress their windows to tie in with key events, dates and seasons.   Shop owners are aware that their window display is one of the most important sales tool they have. Make a splash with a fresh display and heads will turn. If they dress it once and only make a tweak here or there no one will notice and continue to walk past.

Your home page on your website is your window display

How many businesses treat the website like this? The home page of your website is your online shop window.

When you launched your website did you sit back and think what an amazing site you have? How much work have you done on it since you launched it? Has the home page changed at all?

So many business owners treat their websites as a one-off exercise and believe that an online presence is all that is required. Your website is like having a pet that needs to be constantly fed and cared for, if it’s to do everything you want it to do such as in the case of your website is to bring new clients/sales etc this requires regular updates.  Without the care and attention no one will look in your virtual shop window and very unlikely buy your services or products.


What can you do to make your home page work harder?

Sit down and re-create your homepage content.  Plan suitable promotions and content then create a series of messages that you can feature on your home page and social media channels.

Tap into key seasonal buying dates and events. Come up with content related to big events — from Christmas Valentine’s Day, not to mention big sporting events such as Wimbledon or the current World Cup. With a little imagination, you can link promotions to all sorts of dates.

Don’t forget to tie in your promotions with your social media activity.This will help drive traffic to your website. Create eye-catching visuals and establish a consistent identity both on your website site and for your social media sites. You don’t feel comfortable with this, it’s a good time to look at engaging with us to outsource things such as Social Media, Blogs, Website Maintenance. We can help you create synergy between all your marketing channels.

And remember, it’s not just website visitors that love fresh, engaging content — so does Google. Without fresh content you will never make the first page of Google when people are looking for your products and services.  We all spend a significant amount of time looking and scorning the activity of our competitors – make a positive decision to always be number one in your sector within your local area.



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