The haulage industry has been in existence for a very long time even before the birth of the internet. It is no surprise then that many haulage businesses feel there is no need to make use of the internet in their business. There are few websites or social media accounts and often only the largest haulage firms have an online presence.

Anyone who goes into business does so for two major reasons; growth and profitability, every business owner looks for ways to grow their business and extend their client base. The internet is just one of the tools which can be used to grow any business. When you position your business properly on the internet, you stand a chance of increasing visibility, awareness and patronage of your business by more than 50%.

Small haulage companies have a better chance to compete with larger sized businesses on the internet as size and structure do often do not matter. What matters is how good your website is and how well you can advertise your business.

So, you’re now thinking how can the internet help my haulage business, well here is several ways to use the internet to your benefit


Sales and Marketing-: There is no better place to advertise your business these days than the internet. Why? Because a lot of people live, eat and sleep on the internet.

There are several ways you can market your haulage business on the internet. You can advertise on Social Media, Use SEO Tools, Google Ads  etc etc, amongst the numerous marketing tools available to you. There are so many different routes to market though it is important to ensure you have a specialist review everything together for you.  A strategic sales plan is a good starting point to be followed by a structured marketing plan, no one way will work for all and often businesses can spend a huge amount of money on marketing through agencies with little return of investment.


Online Tracking-: This is crucial to ensure your approach to the market is working well.  A good marketing agency will provide tracking features to update on what is going on with their online traffic at every point in time.

Networking-:  You can connect with other people who are also into haulage business using online social media tools and you can share ideas and come together to devise strategies to move the business forward.


SFB Forensics-:  SFB Consulting Group are one of the markets leading agencies to whom provide a unique forensics tool for your website which can be adapted and tailored to meet your needs as a haulage firm.  Who is on my website, what are they looking at, how long were they on, how many times were they on, was it a key contact, are my clients online looking, why, what where and when…… Nowadays we must be on the cutting edge of technology to ensure we retain our current clients and attract new ones.


Content Management-: People are generally encouraged to do business with people who are knowledgeable about their industry or field. You can use the internet to show potential clients that you are an expert in your field. This involves posting engaging contents about the haulage business or the transportation industry generally on the internet to educate your existing and potential clients and convince them to do further business with you.


Employment-: Reducing the need for recruitment companies or local newspaper advertising. You can find good managers and professional drivers too. Using your website and social media platforms in the correct way can save you time and money.  SFB Consulting Group can provide assistance on video marketing, this method of recruitment advertising is far more successful and cost-effective than other measures.


Some great examples of online marketing in the haulage industry – not all are the largest most recognised brands but each is successful in what they do online.

It’s no surprise that the largest haulage firm in the UK has the top position online with a great website and regular news updates

If we google “Haulage UK”, Maxi Haulage is top of the search.  Maxi Haulage is a leading provider of haulage, distribution and logistics services throughout the UK and Ireland.

If we google “Logistics Companies UK”   PDL  is top. PDL operate a fleet of vehicles ranging from small courier vans to 44-ton artic trucks and through partner agreements with long-standing logistics providers in Europe.

If this article has really peaked your interest why not contact us and we can sit down and understand how we build a successful platform for your haulage business, we understand haulage well and look forward to helping you,  email us at for a free consultation and profiling of your website