Top Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies You Must Follow in 2019

The evolution in the field of marketing has been relentless.

When you look at the bigger picture, it seems like it changed more in the last five years than in the last fifty. And believe us, the incessant changes happening in the world of technology is only going to make marketing further evolve.

But, we got to focus what we have in hand and must make the most out of it, right?

So, we decided to create a piece of content that could help you understand the latest trends and strategies that modern digital marketers are leveraging to improve their sales and revenue.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies in 2019

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is all set to take over the marketing world and top companies like Microsoft and Uber have already introduced the technology to their work environment in the form of Knightscope K5 Robots which can predict and prevent crime.

Analysts at Gartner predict that by 2020, AI technologies will be hard to ignore and will take over software product and service industry.

Here are the reasons why marketers are so interested in quick AI implementation:


Reasons Percentage of Marketers
AI will allow us to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage 84%
AI will allow us to move into new businesses 75%
New organization using AI will enter our market 75%
Incumbent competitors will use AI 69%
Pressure to reduce costs will require us to use AI 63%
Suppliers will offer AI-driven products and services 61%
Customers will ask for AI-driven offerings 59%

The future of AI is bright as more and more businesses tend to adopt it to cut down on costs and catalyse the production process.

2. Programmatic Advertising

With real-time bidding, programmatic advertising tends to provide an efficient and fast advertising medium that helps marketers yield higher conversions and keep customer acquisition costs under control.

According to eMarketer, the world of marketing will definitely see an increase of 86.2% when it comes to programmatic advertising implementation, especially for digital display ads – all this by the time we get to the year 2020.

Not just that, it predicts that more than $46 billion will be spent on programmatic advertising alone in the US!


3. Chat bots

How many of you know that a staggering 63% of the consumers prefer messaging an online chat bot to get instant information? Chat bots are all set to power 85% of the customer service by the time we hit 2020.

It will continue to be an integral part of social media marketing since this AI-driven technology provides 24-hour service, instant query response, and answers all simple questions that marketers feed into its system.

Top brands like Uber, Whole Foods Market, Fandango, Sephora, Staples, Pizza Hut, and more have successfully integrated chat bot technology to help customers with their services 24/7.


4. Privacy Trends

Data is the new oil. Marketers and businesses realise how sensitive information like social media profiles, email address, credit card information, or smartphone location can be used to inflict harm to consumers all over the world.

That’s the reason why General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created to give consumers greater control over their private data. Under GDPR, business organisations need to ensure that data is collected legally and they will protect the data to respect consumer’s rights.

Businesses that fail to follow GDPR guidelines can be heavily fined. The fines range from 10 million Euros to even 4% of the company’s annual revenue.

Wrapping Up

The future of digital marketing is bright and we wish you all the best in all your digital marketing endeavours.

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Happy Marketing!