An unpredictable economy is still in the forefront of business owners and they are challenged to continue to keep the momentum going while dealing with limited marketing budgets.

Streamlining operations is a key focus for many with the decision to use an outsourced marketing company becoming a viable strategic alternative. To decide whether you should outsource your entire marketing strategy or part of your efforts, you need to really understand your requirements.

If you are, just launching a business or have been in business for many years, it’s critical to do what you are good at, sticking with your key skills is an absolute must. Focus on your business and let experts in the respective fields come in and execute other core business functions.

If the cost saving benefits are not convincing enough, consider this, it’s not only expensive to attract top-tier talent its near impossible to lure amazing talent to your business in a very competitive market where there are vast opportunities. If you are a new brand it can also be time consuming, expensive and impractical to hire the best talent out there.

Outsourcing is very common in business now with many operations such as HR, Payroll, Customer Service plus many others. Outsourcing will reduce overheads, recruitment, IT and training costs.

With the average Marketing Manager salary in London being £42,500* and a Marketing Assistant salary on average £25,000* outsourcing gives you all the perks of a complete professional marketing team at a fraction of the cost. Some other benefits include:

Costs – As its already clear cost is the biggest factor. SFB Consulting Group is less expensive than hiring a full-time in-house marketing assistant or manager.

Skill Set – Our team of professionals typically has a more diverse skillset than a single marketing employee.

Scalability – Having a team of outsourced marketing professionals at your disposal enables your business to handle an increase in marketing workload.

Turnover – Entry level marketing personnel typically stay with a company for 1 to 3 years before looking for another position.

Insight – Employees are often reluctant to share their opinions. SFB Consulting Group will provide an uncensored and objective view of your current sales and marketing strategy.

Software – Access to the latest software and technology such as our unique SFB Forensics Lead Generation. Automation and IT structure is vital in ensuring your message is visible to your tailored market.

The benefits are endless but you can see the outsourcing will allow you and the rest of your team to focus on their primary jobs.

About Us

We work with various businesses across many sectors and over the years have built some very strong business relationships with entrepreneurs across the UK.

Our services are bespoke to you and your business and we will provide everything from your marketing, provide your sales teams with hot leads and can even monitor your sales force success rate providing feedback along the way. Our services will give your professional sales teams the platform to succeed and allow them to concentrate their time on turning leads into sales. Only to often we see our sales teams struggling to generate the leads – allow us to do this for you and provide monthly reporting for your Sales Directors and management teams.

We love to grab a coffee and discuss how outsourcing to SFB Consulting is the start of a perfect partnership. Give us a call today FREE ON 0800 699 0533 or email us at


*Salaries correct as of Oct 17 – Total Jobs Salary Checker