Quality B2B Leads

To survive and thrive when you’re a B2B business, you need to be generating leads and turning them into paying customers. There’s no getting away from it. The higher the quality of the leads you get in, the better your overall results will be.

B2B lead generation is a vast topic. From key tactics, to clever digital tools that can help support your efforts and tried-and-tested strategies that are proven to be effective.

Here, we’re going to focus on the question of quality. Just how can you go about getting quality B2B sales leads in the 21st century whilst not breaching the new GDPR ruled coming into play in May 2018?

The magic formula

On paper, B2B sales appears a pretty simple process:

  • Create content for your social media
  • Get people to visit your website
  • Convert them into contacts
  • Nurture them along the buyer journey (nurture contacts into leads)
  • Sales team generate opportunities
  • Close the sale (convert leads into customers)


Quality B2B Leads

In reality, things are never quite this straightforward. There will be plenty of shortcuts, hurdles and diversions to overcome along the way.

On the path towards a sale, a potential customer will be in contact with your company at many different times. All these ‘touchpoints’, along with the entire buyer journey, need to be assessed and fully optimised, if you’re to find high quality B2B sales leads.

Quality B2B Leads

Driving traffic

Driving lots of the right kind of visitors to your website is a good first step and there are many tactics and tools at your disposal. From offline sources of traffic (such as events and other networking opportunities), to referrals, online advertising, social media and Google.

To achieve the optimum results, what you need to do really well is:

  • Get your buyer personas right
  • Understand where contacts are in the buyer journey
  • Make sure the right content gets in front of them at the right time
  • Get your paid advertising optimized

You need to know who you want to attract and to start building that audience, before turning them into leads for your business.

Turn traffic into leads This is where our expertise in sales and marketing will become your new way of working.  We will help analyse and monitor your leads and work with your current sales teams to ensure they all have a clear understanding of the new processes and how to become an expert in conversion.  We will maximise the potential and reduce the time spent “networking” and “generating leads” which will result in increased sales performance and reporting across your business. We use several tools in our process and no one way works for all, we will carefully select the best process for your business and delivery the results with actionable leads at your fingertips.

Convert leads in to customers

All the content marketing, lead generation and event marketing in the world, isn’t going to do a thing for you, unless you’re able to turn those leads into paying customers.

Proving a positive ROI is important for any marketer, as if you can show a positive ROI, then you’re likely to be allocated more budget and can increase what you’re doing – and the cycle goes on. The key to measuring and reporting on ROI, is being able to collect useful data and to analyze it correctly. Thankfully, this is no longer an issue in today’s digital world of big data and data overflow.

Quality B2B Leads

The amount of data we produce on a daily basis is just staggering. For any marketer, making sense of it all is the real challenge. The bigger your campaigns, budgets and plans are, the more sophisticated the need for data analysis will become.

For smaller B2B organizations with limited budgets, there are many free basic tools available that can provide lots of good insights. It all starts with figuring out which marketing and sales KPIs you need to measure to get meaningful results.

In order to do that, you need to be able to make sense of your website data and spot the signals that visitors are giving off.

Turbo-charged marketing

The secret of turbo charged marketing is using technology, tools and tactics that will give you a competitive advantage.

With so many to choose from it is important not to go trying them all out yourself – always take into account the salary costs of the individuals trialling and testing these tools, the reputation damage should you put out the wrong message on your social media platforms and the contractual obligations once you start this process should it be the wrong decision.

Being a data-driven marketer has never been so easy as it is today and it’s the key to bringing in high quality leads that your sales team can work with.

If you go a step further and include customer service and other customer facing departments within this alignment (‘smarketing’ as it’s been coined), then you’ll be in the strongest possible position, taking advantage of the most modern methods to not only find customers but build a loyal customer base.

We can help you transform your sales funnel. With our software and customer success team members, we want to help you generate and work with the B2B sales leads you really need and want.

Quality B2B Leads