With Christmas almost here the team have been looking at the most wanted toys this Christmas and here’s the top toys from previous years.

Starting off in 2009. The Zhu Zhu pets were small hamster toys. They came with one per packet and were roughly £10 each. Their artificial intelligence gave the hamsters the power to talk and move. Children just went wild for them

Back in 2006, Nintendo brought out the first games console that required your active interaction, no more sitting down with a controller. With games such as Just dance, Wii sports & Wii party, the Nintendo Wii was a great way of keeping the kids active even in the winter

1998 the year the Furby was created. The Furby was an American battery-powered toy that resembled a hamster/owl and could chat away to you for hours. The Furby’s were the must-have toy that year for Christmas and continued to be for the next two years

1996 was an expensive year for the parents of the UK, because not were the beanie buddies realised so was Tickle Me Elmo. The fun talking toy was a character from a well-loved TV show called Sesame Street.

The cabbage patch dolls are another collector’s item that the kids loved back in the 90’s, released in 1983, every child wanted at least one of these dolls because each doll had its own unique features.

The Rubix cube, realised originally in 1974 but Christmas number one toy in 1980. Still one of UK’s hardest and most undefeated challenges.

In the 1970’s a gel-filled action figured called Stretch Armstrong was brought to market and soon became every little boy’s biggest request.

In the in the 1960’s they began to make dolls a little but more masculine, they introduced a doll call G.I Joe and his little plastic army solider were on the top of every little boys Christmas list