We all know the importance of a strong brand and know that to stand out from the competitors you may need to improve your brand but what if I told you that you that you have one of the best assets for reaching new and existing customers and improving your brand probably sitting right in front of you: your employee.

Most employees have interactions with customers, be it directly (sales and customer service reps) or indirectly (developers, fulfillment workers, and others who are behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly).

In the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer Study, employees were seen as the most credible source by the public to report on key business findings—higher than CEOs.

So, how do you ensure your employees are supporting and enhancing your brand in their interactions with customers (and the world at large)? The answer comes in two interrelated parts:

  • Make sure employees are engaged.
  • Train them to be brand ambassadors.

Improving employee engagement

The more excited employees are about your brand, the more engaged they will be. Improving employee engagement is tightly linked to better communication about your company’s culture. Employees feel more engaged when their work was consistent with the core values and mission of their organisation—showing that if employees feel connected to your culture, they’ll be more likely to promote you through various channels.

Creating an employee ambassador program

How can you harness your employees’ passion? When training an employee to become a brand ambassador should include the following four aspects included

  1. Clear and easily accessible brand content

By making your brand’s content available, you’re much more likely to get employees connected with your culture. Use an easily accessible content platform to make sure all employees have that content for future use.

  1. Tools for success

The easier it is for employees to engage with your brand, the more likely they will be to promote it. So, give them some ready-made items that are easy to promote.

These could be:

Hashtags, like ours  #Letstalk

Cool branded “swag” that makes employees feel like they are living your brand

These can all be highlighted during recruitment and new starts, as well shared at regular intervals with current workers to keep employee engagement high.


  1. Employee empowerment

Taking an interest in employees’ personal brands shows their employer cares about them as well as their growth and potential outside of work

Use training to help employees first pinpoint their own personal brand. Ask questions like “What allows you to do your best work?” and “What makes you proud to work at this company?”. This can also help you develop a stronger employer brand, as you work out what employees really love about your company.

  1. Dedicated social media brand ambassador training

Today, much brand promotion occurs online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Training employees to be superb brand ambassadors on social media is a great way to keep a consistent message going at your company.

The biggest factors in successful social media training for employees are:

  • Including clear guidelines around social media use.
  • Ensuring employees are comfortable with the guidelines.
  • Giving employees space and trusting them to promote your brand in a way that is authentic to them and beneficial to your organization.

By providing this guidance, your brand ambassadors will feel more comfortable being open about your company on social media.

Remember your employees are excellent resources to increase your brand promotion. After all, they’re already committed to the company and familiar with its goals. Increase that commitment and knowledge with brand ambassador training, and you’ll have a workforce that’s ready and willing to spread your company’s good name—in addition to being more motivated, engaged employees.