The team at SFB Consulting Group would like to share some key points in Marketing and how with the correct formulas it can really help your business.

Many business owners will start off by trying to do it themselves but find very quickly it drops down the list of priorities. To market your business successfully you either need to employ an expert and with all the employment legislation with auto enrolment etc can add to the burden. What most companies find easily and less stressful is to outsource to a specialist company like us.

What is Marketing

So let’s talk about the most popular types of marketing and the benefits. 


Blog                      a journal or diary that is on the Internet.

Blogger                a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.

Blog                      to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.

Blogging              the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.

What is Marketing

If people are going to invest time and money into your business, they want to know beforehand whether your business is going to help them improve their lives. What better way to do this than providing valuable and useful content in your area of expertise? By demonstrating your businesses’ proficiency and desire to help others, you solidify relationships and are more likely to convert visitors into paying customers.



Social media platforms now offer businesses of all sizes unprecedented opportunities to reach new consumers. There are currently a number of social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram among others. Depending on the demographics of your customers, different platforms are more suitable than others. What separates successful social media campaigns from unsuccessful ones is persistence and consistency. It is essential that you regularly post to these websites to increase your exposure to new clients, a carefully tailored plan is absolutely critical to make this work for any business.

Social Media Advertising is a highly effective way to promote your business directly to your target customers. The advertising platform enables you to target highly specific populations, based on gender, interests, age range, occupation, marital status, and more.




There are millions upon millions of websites out there, many of which focus on a similar topic as yours. There are plenty of ways to make your business stand out, but one effective way to garner more customers than your competition is to stand out more than your competitors in the search engines such as Google and Bing through SEO.  In depth analysis of your product/services will help in the production of your SEO plan.



Not everyone has their own social media account, but it’s a sure bet that someone has an email address. This is what makes email marketing so effective. The most effective means of utilizing email marketing is to create a regular email newsletter that will go out to subscribers. Get potential and recurring consumers to sign up to your newsletter by offering discounts, promotional items, helpful tips, news updates and more.

Developing creative visual content is a great way to reach audiences at a personal level. Examples of visual marketing include creating infographics about your brand, pinning links to Pinterest to market your business, or developing powerful graphics to engage an audience. These can be posted to social media and social bookmarking sites as a way to further exposure.  Changes to the regulations (GDPR) will hault the way in which we currently email market in the UK – see our article for further information.



In scenarios where traditional marketing hasn’t fully done its job, it may be in the best interest of your business to introduce guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing is a method in which a business seeks to create a huge buzz and garner interest about their brand, using non-traditional channels in the process.

Essentially, you’re creating a “Wow!” moment. You want to turn heads. You want to guarantee that people will never forget this exposure to your brand and will want to make them associate with your business permanently. Examples of guerrilla marketing include catchy signs, unique events, viral YouTube videos, and more. Guerrilla marketing is not costly. In fact, one of the distinguishing characteristics of guerrilla marketing is its low cost. It just takes a bit more creativity and planning in order to implement effectively.  Moneysupermarket will be one in which we all recognise with their successful builders….

What is Marketing



What is MarketingThis is an internet advertising model that is used to drive traffic to your website. Businesses pay publishers to host their ad, or bid on keywords to make their business rank higher in Google searches. When an ad is clicked, the business is charged money in return for a customer being sent to their website. This is reserved for businesses with larger budgets as it can be costly. Google AdWords campaigns are effective in driving targeted traffic to your website while organic traffic builds.



This is an offline marketing strategy that is still highly effective. It entails a business obtaining a list of prospective customers and sending them a sales letter or similar document outlining the product or service being offered. The potential consumer then has the option of positively responding or disregarding the campaign altogether. Direct mail is a costly route, but it is a way to contact potential customers in a personal manner.



Social media management is a solution that will help manage your outbound and incoming online interactions in a more efficient manner.  A good social media management will keep an eye on what people are saying — good or bad — about your company, competitors and major trends. And, by representing your company in a positive, authentic way, it can build credibility for your expertise and business and link to customers and prospects quickly.


WHAT IS PRWhat is Marketing

Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Public relations is the idea of creating coverage through press releases etc.




As you can see with so many different channels to work on and manage and with an understanding that no one person can possibly have the experience across all of these platforms we, at SFB Consulting Group provide a carefully tailored sales & marketing approach that will drive results to your bottom line.

We will provide you with a fully functional marketing plan that will deliver leads into your sales and business development teams and provide director level reporting to allow you and/or your sales director to measure the success.

Successful marketing is measure by results on the bottom line – only to often is this misunderstood.

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