Membership Organisations

It’s no secret that member organisations such as societies and associations have been experiencing member attrition for a number of years. In an industry where a decline in members is common, it can be difficult to qualify the success or failure of your own marketing efforts.

To put it simply, without members, membership organisations wouldn’t be able to continue to operate. But often having members isn’t enough, they must be engaged with your organisation.

Although you will only truly engage with a certain percentage of members you need to balance continuing engagement and reaching out to new members.


At SFB Consulting Group we would love to work with you and through careful marketing and advertising we will increase your memberships on a vast scale.

No one marketing approach will deliver results – we will work with you and understand your business then deliver you new clients and ensuring your return on investment


The new data protection regulations have changed not only the way we market our organisations but across all departments. We have worked with many membership organisations, often starting with a data protection compliance audit allowing us to establish key areas of concern and working with you to compliance.

With substantial fines being imposed for breaches in data protection regulations action is no longer a luxury but that of a necessary to continue in business. Please review our membership organisation brochure (Click on image to left) for free.

Call us today on 0800 699 0533 to learn more about our compliance audits and how they can benefit you or click here to fill out our contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

Our aim is to ensure that every single business we work with generates a return on investment from their marketing spend.