Sales and Marketing

Most business owners focus on the bottom line – success lies in a detailed strategic sales & marketing plan. They must be aligned to drive success, no one marketing approach will deliver good results, each and every business requires a tailored approach and with close monitoring the perfect formula will deliver your desired results.

Outsourcing is a partnership and at SFB Consulting Group, we work with you to ensure our tailored  sales and marketing gets the best results for your company. Our services are a seamless integration with your business as we identify areas of strength, address your needs with a dedicated team of professionals.

Sales and Marketing
With the help of our social media experts we will work with you to increase your profile across various social media platforms.

Our comprehensive social media service will include where appropriate:

Daily relevant content posting, Monitoring & social listening, Engaging with community, In-house training, Running social media competitions and Paid advertising

We are your experts in marketing for the retail sector.  We will work with you to produce a marketing strategy that will meet your needs and objectives for your business ensuring your marketing plan is in line with your sales strategic plan to maximise the results and ROI.
Your website is often the first point of contact for your customers, we must maximise the website content and ensure your brand messages are consistent.  We will initially review your website and offer advise on improvements and where a full re-design is required we work with a partner to provide a fully responsive website.  We will ensure your website is linked to all of your social media platforms driving efficiency and results.
If you don’t have the right information how can you make the right decision. We provide monthly reporting so that you know where your business is currently and that you can see the potential growth in the business

We work with you to ensure our reporting has the key information you need to succeed.

Whether a start up new business or well established we require an initial sales and marketing consultation with you to obtain an understanding of you and your business requirements. A chat with one of our consultants will probe every aspect of your plans to ensure that you aren’t about to waste marketing resource on something which may contain some fundamental flaws.

As every business we work with is unique we will tailor our approach to ensure we get the best results. We can do this in many ways – no one way works, its all about the correct approach to attract your customers and consistency in the message we deliver.

How can we help your business?

Our aim is to ensure that every single business we work with generates a return on investment from their marketing spend.